Common Mistakes Scrapbooking Your Diet

When people start a weight loss scrapbook, the pressure is on to have a successful outcome so you run the risk of making some serious fitness errors. These can arise from ambitious targets or an inability to deal with the multiple requirements of the situation. In this article we consider some Continue Reading

How to Make a Weight Loss Scrapbook

MAKING A SCRAPBOOK The fact that you have done everything to the best of your ability might not mean that you get the results that you are looking for. Some people struggle with their weight loss program because it is geared towards short term targets that are hard to conceptualize. The use of Continue Reading

10 Ways to Lose Weight Scrapbooking

Honestly? Can a person lose weight while they are scrapbooking? Really? Well, before I answer that I have a short story to tell and a bit of a confession. Click here if you don't want to read this story and just want the book "The Story" For many years I have been training and Continue Reading