How to Manage Your Diet by Scrapbooking

How to Manage that Diet This article discusses the elements of scrapbooking advanced dieting. Many people that would like to reduce weight have other objectives in mind. For example they may want to reduce cholesterol on the advice of their doctor. Likewise they also get additional benefits Continue Reading

Lessons from a Scrapbook

We sometimes feel that we can never succeed in getting our weight down. Our bodies can seem to be so temperamental that it seems rather useless to attempt any form of control. For some people the issue of obesity can be a psychological struggle and more than involving a physical level of Continue Reading

Power Scrapbooking!

The many challenges of weight loss can be overcome using various techniques. One of them is known as weight loss scrapbooking. You might think I am being funny but I'm not. It is a form of journal that records the various events that take place as you follow the transition into the body type Continue Reading