Advanced Weight Loss Scrapbooking

Tracking weight loss with a scrapbook is an incremental task. Changes with your weight and even changes in the types of exercises yo will do as you get fitter and fitter.

In this article we look beyond the basic steps that have worked for people in different situations and consider some advanced techniques that might be of benefit to you.

The use of fruits and vegetables

Vitamins are absolutely essential for your health and the use of fruit juice can give you plenty of support in this direction. In fact it is advisable to have some entry in your journal that you can put in your scrapbook that specifically ascertains whether you are getting the right proportions of fruit and vegetables. You can accompany this with bright images of the types of foods and note what good they do for you and your fitness.

As a suggestion you can put in a picture of the bright coloured food pyramid on one side and actual photos of your groceries – maybe a big notation that says “MATCH!”

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If you are not accustomed to having a variety of fruits and vegetables in your meals you can start by adding using smoothies or having it as a snack.

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This gradual process of adding fruit and vegetables into your diet can be complemented by the use of other food groups. For example you may have a salad with a protein source.

How Can I Lose Weight?

Running and aerobic exercises
One of the problems that we have as a modern society is our tendency to eat like we are actually doing work – when in fact our sedentary lifestyle is very different from their hectic hunting and gathering method of our ancestors.

You can try running is economical and a very natural and effective way to lose weight.

Use your scrapbook to plan and document how and when you run. For example you can have an early morning sprint or a leisurely walk in the evening. How about a beautiful picture of a sunrise annotating the day you were first able to complete one mile.

Sneak in exercise by hopping off the bus one stop before you’re home so that you get to walk a bit every day even if you are on a hectic corporate ladder. A treadmill can be gentle exercise that does not need you to lose your balance. Others enjoy occasional skipping. Try to get used to the idea that you are going to be moving regularly.

Get the tools to support your training program

It is all very well documenting your weight loss success but you may excel faster if you get the right equipment. You should buy a good pair of shoes to protect your feet and knees as you run or during another form of exercise.

Injuries often occur because you are using either the wrong technique or the wrong equipment. You may invest in a heart rate monitor and stop watch so that you can take care of your cardiovascular health in a safe manner.

Insert photo’s of all these things. This is your journey. Heading can include “My New Shoes” or “The 7 minute mile”. Get excited about your scrapbook.

Your body often tells you that it is either tired or too strained. When you are eager to get to a goal weight it can be far too easy to ignore these signals until you are in a real crisis. Therefore it is advisable to make entries into your scrapbook diary to talk about your experiences both prior to and after a given routine. This is particularly important if you are starting a new diet where the side effects can come in thick and fast.

These entries can remain private by keeping them behind a ‘door’ you design in your layout.

Hopefully these advanced techniques will give you something to think about as you scrapbook your achievements while you take your weight loss to the next level. This is a learning process where you will be able to add to your repertoire on a fairly regular basis.