Common Mistakes Scrapbooking Your Diet

When people start a weight loss scrapbook, the pressure is on to have a successful outcome so you run the risk of making some serious fitness errors. These can arise from ambitious targets or an inability to deal with the multiple requirements of the situation.

In this article we consider some of the possible mistakes and the ways in which you can avoid them in order to ensure that you maintain a healthy body weight level.

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Fat loss rate
It may not be easy to lose lots of fat in the initial stage of your project. In some cases your genetics may mean that you are still not losing lots of weight despite doing all the right things. Generally speaking you should be looking for gradual losses that can be sustained over a long period of time.

If you are too strict when following your weight loss program then you may start to feel some terrible side effects which could prevent you from completing your scrapbook fitness project. I know how great it will be to have that scrapbook all tied up with the successful ending but be sure to take good care of yourself.

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If it goes on longer that originally planned thats ok. Take lots of self portraits to include pictures of the changes in your body shape. They can make your scrapbook colorful and give you inspiration especially when things get a little rough.

Safety and Weight Loss Scrapbooking

Getting down to the basics

You can use your scrapbook to get very detailed about your weight loss journey. For example you will be learning about good carbs and bad carbs, why not take photo’s of different ones and describe them in your scrapbook.

Vegetables are a very important aspect of your diet and you will need to constantly review your scrapbook in order to ascertain that you are still eating at least one serving of fruit on each single day. You can do this by entering your journal pages with colourful photo’s of your healthy meals.

      Here are some of the BEST – “Smash Book Ideas”

Eating well and regularly

Contrary to some theories, a starvation diet never works. It is tempting to skip meals such as breakfast to try and remove calories from your day when in fact you will most likely end up with a much larger calorie intake if you do so.

Healthy snacks are preferred between meals and you can include them in your scrapbook too. Recording what you like, what you don’t like will help to remind you what you are doing right.

There are three main meals in the day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) but you need to control their potions. Desserts should be watched especially if they are rich in calories. However an occasional treat is not a bad thing and you can record it in your scrapbook too.

Make some pages with your favourite cheat treats.

Practical considerations
Dieting and weight loss are not all about the science. They also include practical considerations which can let you down if you do not know how to work with them. For example you can try to use a small plate so that your mind can see what an appropriate portion is.

Chew slow and actually allow the blend of flavours to be an enjoyable experience. Apparently it takes up to 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain that it is full. That means that you should only eat just until you feel satisfied. If you wait for the high signals then you may already have passed the high point.

The tips above will give you a pretty good template of the things that you need to do as part of your weight loss scrapbooking project. Often dieters make the mistake of basing all their activities on theories rather than considering some of the practical elements within the mix. It is good to improve your health from all angles using the knowledge you have acquired over time.