Why You Need to Lose Weight with the Help of Scrapbooking

The American Obesity Problem
There is no doubt that obesity is becoming a major problem in the USA and keeping track of your weight loss and fitness in a scrapbook might provide people with the ability to identify whether they are at risk and whether it is possible to make any progress in terms of avoiding the worst effects of this trend.

Some studies show that over 33% of the population in the USA is clinically obese. May people just don’t know how to effectively lose weight and don’t know hat they are not doing everything possible to ensure that they are in the best shape.

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This process starts when we are children and therefore it might be a good idea to consider the impact on children – and kids LOVE to scrapbook! In fact some adolescents are already in the advanced stages of serious eating disorders. Nevertheless we have to face the fact that over 12 million children and teenagers aged between 2-19 years are officially classified as being obese. This represents 17% of that population.

We can encourage these young people to share their experiences and tips for leading a healthy lifestyle. The possibility of starting the process early helps. It means that many of the requirements will be inherently absorbed into the lifestyle of the person that is following these routines.

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Understanding the issues that are driving obesity in America
On the face of it this is an affluent country where people have more than they need to eat. Nevertheless digging underneath the headline figures will show that the poorest people within the community are at the highest risk of obesity. First of all they lack adequate information to help them with lifestyle choices. Their diet consists of convenience food and not routinely exposed to an active lifestyle.

Unfortunately it is cheaper to buy badly processed food instead of concentrating on fresh products. This means that many people simply do not have access to the kinds of diets that can make a difference to their lifestyle. The practice of scrapbooking your weight loss might start the process of paying more attention to the choices that are made. It can really help to self educate and keep record of whats healthy and not in a fun and decorative way.

The last 2 decades have seen a dramatic increase in the levels of obesity within the USA. Most states had a prevalence rate that was in double digit figures by 2010.

Finding solutions to the American obesity problem
It has been suggested that the general population should move away from “junk food” and towards a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian diet. For example wholesome plant based foods such as fruits, legumes, nuts, vegetables and seeds are recommended. Some of the fundamental benefits of such a diet include protection against cancer, stroke and heart disease. These remain principal causes of mortality.

Natural exercise can also help. For example walking, running, climbing stairs and general sports can be incorporated into the general lifestyle of Americans regardless of their economic backgrounds.