10 Ways to Lose Weight Scrapbooking

Honestly? Can a person lose weight while they are scrapbooking?


Well, before I answer that I have a short story to tell and a bit of a confession.

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“The Story”

For many years I have been training and counseling people on their weight and diet. In all that time I have noticed only one consistent reason why people don’t reach their goal weights.

(Although I once thought it was just because they didn’t do what I told them to do.)

I mean I had other clients that were reaching their goals and becoming fit and strong. So I knew it wasn’t me?

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Or was it?

It didn’t make sense to me, people were paying me good money to give them a detailed and personal diet. Paying more money so I could train them in fitness and cardio.

Why would they would keep paying me and still not reach their goals?

It was perplexing.

Until one day I decided I was going to ask – directly – and worry about the consequences later.

I mean sure… I know that most people don’t achieve their weight loss and fitness goals for a multitude of reasons. But most of them aren’t MY clients. And I KNOW my clients got the best training, best advice, and I really, REALLY, do care!

The answers that came back to me we all over the map but one similar theme.


Kids, work, family obligations, and if there was any time left over, there were the hobbies and darn it all, no one wanted to give up a hobby just to get fit.

Hobbies and hanging with the peeps that make you feel good about life, the universe, and everything wasn’t on the short list of things to “give up” when you were wanting to lose weight and get fit.

We all know that there is only 24 hours in the day and if you want to add a new activity you have to replace another. Unless someone goes and invents a time machine.

The Time Machine

No – I didn’t invent the time machine – Although I thought about it. But then realized that if I did I’d go broke because people would probably buy it then scoot back in time to the place where they didn’t owe me any money…

So if I can’t make more time then I they could just manage it couldn’t they?

No –

For all the “Time Management” courses out there there is one thing for certain


Time is as it is and always will be 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day. Period.


You can manage your activities in that time.

One of the absolute best people at managing activities in short chunks of time is our own “15 Minute Scrapbooker” Autumn Craig.

Did you know there are a tonne of activities you can do that take only 30 – 60 seconds and will absolutely add up to calories burned and muscle gained?

Its true, and its been proven over and over again that tiny bits of activity throughout your day can and will benefit you and work toward your fitness goals.

So this is how this little book “10 Ways to Lose Weight Scrapbooking” got written.

Inside this little eBook is 10 things you can do – while scrapbooking or even at a scrapbooking event – to burn calories and build muscle.

And we wrote it just for you.

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