Use your Scrapbook for Quick Weight Loss Results

Two main objectives for people watching their weight include building muscle and reducing fat. Aesthetically most people want a body shape that will feel good to wear out in public.

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Eat the right meals at the right time:
Starvation does not work positively for your health. But it doesn’t hurt to cut down on the large state banquets and eat regular small meals. Some experts say that you should have a meal for every three hours that you are awake. This is because skipping meals puts your body in “famine mode” which enables it to slow down your metabolism such that you cannot lose weight.

When cutting down on your calories its also important to know how much protein and carbs you need to be healthy. This can be another layout page in your Weight Loss Scrapbook. I would love to hear some good ideas for title’s.

      Here are some of the BEST – “Smash Book Ideas”

Protein is vital for cell development. On average men require 20 grams per meal while women require 5 grams less than their male counterparts. This measurement is actually based on body weight and approximates to 0.8g per pound. But that shifts with what you are doing too. If you have increased your weight training you may want to increase that. On your scrapbook page note the right amount for YOU and list some favored, healthy sources you plan to get your protein from.

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Regulate those processed carbohydrates:
For some reason modern menus are being dominated by processed carbohydrates. White sugar tastes wonderful but it can do terrible things to your body even if it is disguised as that tasty fizzy drink that you take with your lunch. Some diets recommend that you stay away from beans and potatoes but that is a matter of opinion. I for one like beans and potatoes and don’t see any reason to drop them from your diet.

It is possible to enjoy these foods in moderation without harming your body. Again this depends on body weight and is usually measured by grams per pound of body weight and recommendations depend on your goal. Somewhere between 2.5g to 4.5g per pound.

These include fresh vegetables and fruit. You can then boost your metabolism and increase the rate at which you burn fat. Ensure that everything is taken with plenty of fresh water. It keeps you filled up and lubricated. Its not a bad idea to see a nutritionist to come up with a reasonable diet plan specific for your needs and goals. Take your camera and put her (or his) picture on your Scrapbook page with your recommended carb intake.

Get into the habit of doing cardio exercises:
One of the lovely effects of cardiovascular activity is that it burns calories both during the process and immediately afterwards.

That means that you are getting a double benefit from a single course of activity. On the same page you can show how you are burning these carbs by recording your favourite cardio activities and ‘carbs burned’

Cardio also helps to lose fat. Elements include circuit training, interval programs, and aerobics. It may also include swimming and skipping.

Do not forget to do some weight training:
The key to this is to use the right technique so that you are having an impact on the right body parts and not doing any damage. Eventually you find that your muscles are growing at an impressive rate. Try to use the whole body routines included compound exercises. These can include chins, rows, bench pressing, and dead weight lifting or squatting.

You should judge how your body is responding to each of the routines so that you do not fall into the trap of overdoing it.

By using utilizing your scrapbook to record your results and activities you will be able to ascertain whether you are really getting quick results. This can be a motivating factor and one that allows you to avoid the dangers that are associated with excessive or non-existent workouts. Furthermore it can help you get organized in the long run.