Scrapbooking can Help with your Weight Loss

That wonderful feeling of excitement when the dresses start to finally fit can become an obsession. You can start off very well with a good weight loss program and then end up as a fitness fanatic.

The side effects of an overly ambitious program that does not take into account the capabilities of the body (and its limitations) and the readiness of your mind. By using scrapbooking your weight loss journey you may be able to restrict your activities and participation to a realistic level that is healthy. This is how you do it.

Weight Loss and the Dangers of Overdoing it: Put the Brakes on with a Scrapbook

Watch the spending
It is possible that you will be attracted to spending lots of money for products that make you feel as if you are losing weight when in fact you are merely contributing to the consumerist society.

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Your leisure time is valuable
In a rather ironic twist, some of the poorest people in the developed world are the ones suffering from obesity. Its easy to cop out and say that their rich counterparts can invest in expensive organic diets and can attend the gym at will. But the average person is marketed that junk food is actually convenience food.

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It also might seem like the rich people are able to cook homemade meals or to employ someone to do it for them. But you too can get out of this packaged food trap by using your leisure time effectively. The weight loss scrapbooking method will enable you to construct a diary that is sustainable and effective by documenting what is working and what isn’t.

Take photos of your favourite healthy meals and scrumptious recipes in your scrapbook, next to the photos of your family all having a good sit-down dinner. Scrapbooking your weight loss can easily be a beautiful family event.

Stay away from fad diets
The experts have been very busy. We have the wholly misleading BMI (Body Mass Index) which essentially classifies some top class world athletes as being overweight. You then have those seductive diets which do deliver weight loss but can do some damage to your body if used incorrectly.

Our ancestors did not know much about fad diets but they were able to make use of their environment and keep their bodies in relatively good shape. That is because they used up many of the calories that they consumed. We are simply not doing that in these sedentary times. Instead of obsessing about this or that diet, you could be using a simple scrapbook to ascertain that you have balance in your life. Do some regulated exercise and eat healthily. It is as simple as that.

Ideally you should be aiming for some sort of compromise where you can maintain a steady weight level over time. This does not mean that you become lazy and give up when the body shows any signs of strain. Rather it is a method of turning your lifestyle around so that it is geared towards moderation.