Power Scrapbooking!

The many challenges of weight loss can be overcome using various techniques.

One of them is known as weight loss scrapbooking. You might think I am being funny but I’m not.

It is a form of journal that records the various events that take place as you follow the transition into the body type that you have been hoping for throughout the process.

Many people complain that they do not know where to begin but having a written plan can give you some useful ideas. It is very important that you take the healthy approach at every opportunity. Here are a few scrapbooking ideas to consider.

Concentrate on the weight loss priorities

You might find some approaches to weight loss aren’t favourable to you. The great thing about scrapbooking your weight loss is you get to use your scrapbook as a selection process where you can really review your responses to individual aspects of the program. Just pick out the ones that are effective.

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It might sound one step away from a full blown research project but by doing a detailed journal including pictures and papers reflective of your mood and goals you will be contributing to a better chance of success.

You have to fundamentally change your living habits so that you do not engage in behaviour that is likely to make the problems worse. For example you can completely stop the practice of eating late at night. A certain level of patience is required if you are really going to overcome all these challenges. Here is a good place to scrapbook the winning ideas you came up with to combat these late night cravings.

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Watch your meals on a regular basis
One of the rules that have worked spectacularly well for people is to eat something every 2-4 hours. This drives away the cravings and ensures that you can regulate the portions. There is pleasure in eating but this must not become the driving force in your life. The weight loss scrapbooking process will enable you to monitor your diet in a logical way. If you go to a party with tons of food you can take pictures of all the treats at the party and journal them in your scrapbook with comments of how successful you were.

Drinking is important too
Water is the source of life and you must include it in your scrapbook as a major tool for losing weight. Unfortunately there are many drinks that contain copious amounts of calories. For example lemonade and soda can contain extraordinary levels of sugar. Many people do not watch their “liquid calories” and the scrapbook can point out this potentially harmful eating habit. You can title this scrapbook layout “AWARENESS!”

To be on the safe side you may decide to eat fruits or drink fruit juices that contain no artificial sugar at all. However you also have to be wary of the fact that healthy foods can also contain undesirable elements if taken in excess. For example eating too much avocado might increase the level of fat that you have in your diet.

here is where you can include pictures of healthy choices and what you are learning about the process.

Do not engage in deprivation
Many people wrongly assume that weight loss is a terrible drag on their lives. They believe that it will eventually mean that they are living a life that is obsessed with calorie counting. In fact the opposite is true. The feeling that you get from eating a tasty, well balanced meal is hard to replicate. Likewise you will have some of the best sleep in the world if you have had a good workout and gone for a nice shower. All these are simple pleasures which also have the effect of making you healthier over the long run.

By scrapbooking your weight loss journey you will be developing the story of your road to fitness that you will be able to look back on and treasure.

Having a healthy lifestyle is both a desirable outcome and one which is achievable. It does not mean that you become obsessed with calories or that you lose your sense of fun. Rather it is a method for enjoying your life for a bit longer.